In the forest primevil

a school for good and evil

two towers like twin heads

one for the pure

one for the wicked

try to escape you’ll always fail

the only way out is

through a fairy tale.”




When students mogrify they come back to their human selves naked. Agatha and Sophie transform and hide during the Trial by Tale. Hort when he tries to transform into a werewolf transforms naked and runs behind the curtains during the Circus of Talents. After Sophie dies Agatha revives her with a kiss of true love, proving a which and a princess can be friends.


The school master kidnaps kids every four years from the woods beyond to bring to the school for good and evil. The School for evil has classes such as henchmen training, torture, and uglification. Sophie’s roommates threaten to kill her. Agatha burns down Good school and Tedros kills a gargoyle that Agatha tries to save. In the Trial by Tale everyone tries to kill Sophie and Hester’s demon tattoo comes alive and tries to kill Tedros, nearly missing. Sophie pranks the Good school every night and Becomes a witch she kills the wolf in the doom room. Sophie gets stabbed by the school master but Agatha revives her.


Agatha prays in her head when scared, nothing specified.


Shows that you can be friends with anyone if you try. Also not to give into peer pressure.


I love this series so much. This might be the fifth time I’ve read this book. I know, I know, overkill, but its so good!!!


I absolutely love this series. Go read it right now! It is a twist to classic fairy tales and leaves you constantly reading!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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