In the sequel to Whisper, Weapon ends the Duology with a bang. Follow Alyssa Scott AKA 6-8-4 as she tries to give freedom to all speakers with only 24 hours left.


d*** and variations, a** h*ll, and God’s name in vain.


Kael kisses Alyssa to convince a security guard he was her boyfriend. Aryrn kisses Riley a few times.


The Remnants attempt to break into Lengard but fail. Many get hurt and are knocked out. Alyssa, Cami, and Arryn go back to Lenard and knock out Ward who has injected Alyssa with a syringe. Alyssa’s brother Riley escapes having been knocked out by an injection in the neck. Alyssa gets Smith to go back and retrieve her memories. She sees Smith when they were younger being burned in a fire and his dad being murdered. At the end of the book Kael and his dad kill Vanik and try to drain the life force and power from Christopher, Alyssa’s dad.




This book shows how you can do the impossible if you believe and put your best work into it. Also that it is okay to ask for help.


At the beginning I read slow but after two days I zoomed through that book so fast even I couldn’t believe it. It captures your attention and you will wind up reading it for hours straight if you aren’t careful. 🙂


I. love. this. book. so. much. I don’t think there is anything more to say. It was pure brilliance. Go read Whisper and Weapon right now. Go. Why are you still here? Go order them.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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