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Daisy Winters is not your normal teenager. Her sister “Ellie” is engaged to Alex, the current prince of Scotland; and Daisy knows her life is just beginning to change.


A**, B****. S***, God’s name in vain.


Prince Seb gets extremely drunk and attempts to make out with Daisy, but Daisy stops him. Miles implies that she was attempting to “seduce” Seb, which she was not. Seb is in love with Ellie, who is in love with Alex who is in love with her. The press thinks Daisy and Seb are together, so the Queen makes Daisy and Miles fake date in order to squash the tabloids. Princess Flora was dating Miles’ sister but they lied and said she was dating Miles in order to save her reputation. Princess Flora is dating princess T. whom the Queen had planned for Seb to marry. Miles and Daisy kiss. Alex and Ellie kiss.


Seb and his friends attempt to sword fight, they drop the sword out of reach before any damage can be done. Alex punches Seb in the face when he says he loves Ellie.


Brief mentioning of God.


This book encourages staying by your family even when they can be a bit strange. To love them and don’t abandon them when everything seems to be going haywire.


I read this book quite fast. It held my attention throughout the entire book, some parts more than others.


This book was EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!!! I would constantly burst out laughing when reading it. Definitely worth the read. I recommend this book for people who like plot twists.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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