Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

Imagine your entire life has been thoroughly planned and calculated for the best benefiting result; nothing is left to choice. Who you marry, your career, and when you die are chosen for you. The main character Cassia is faced with a decision– stick with the Society, or choose your own destiny.


Matched: none

Crossed: Mild profanity such as d*** .

Reached: Mild profanity such as d***.


Matched: The idea that the elderly are slowly poisoned by continuous dosage in their food. Talk of someone’s son being murdered.

Crossed: Ky and a few other boys are taken away just to be killed, when they were manipulated into thinking there was hope. Multiple bombs shootings and deaths.

Reached: Vivid descriptions of a plague, some choke on blood, multiple deaths.


Matched: Brief kisses. Cassia attends a match banquet in hopes of finding her “true love.”

Crossed: Cassia and Ky dream of each other. When they are reunited a description mentions a night of kissing and talking (no specifications).

Reached: Brief kissing and hugging.


In all the books the characters wonder if there is an afterlife and if death is just the end. Mild talk about it.


Talks about valuing life and trying to gain everyone free will. Encourages fighting for fairness when it feels as if there is no hope.


Overall, the idea was interesting, but in the last two books I felt as if I was forcing myself to finish.


I enjoyed this book and the characters. I thought it was very well thought out. I just wish maybe there was more details to show what happens to the characters in the near future.

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